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Ravan Rah Co. (R A C O)
International Freight Forwarder
We are pleased to introduce RAVAN RAH CO. LTD. (R A C O) as one of the leading international freight forwarders established in Iran with about 20 years of experience. Our head office located in Tehran and we have some branches all around Iran even in small ports and customs.
Ravan Rah is an Int’l Shipping and Freight Forwarding Group, among the reputed Iranian Freight Forwarders and is the active member of:
1. FIATA ( Federation of International Freight Forwarders Association)
2. ITCA (International Transport Companies Association of Iran)
3. I. C. C. I. M.( Iran Chamber of Commerce. Industries and Mines)
The company has adopted “The general Trading conditions” of the profession, patterned on the “ FIATA Model Rules” and approved by ITCA,“ International Transport Companies Association of Iran”, as its code of business

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