.:. Land

• Truck Services:
• Full and Groupage cargo with Iranian, Bulgarian, and Turkish
• Trucks to/from Iran, Europe, C.I.S. Countries, Afghanistan and Iraq.
• Trans-shipment Service:
• Export from Iran by Trans- shipment via Mersin Turkey to • All major European ports.
• Transit
• Inland Bonded Cargo from port and Airport of arrival to Destination’s Customs
• Transit Cargo to/from Afghanistan & Iraq via Bandar Abbas and Bazargan by truck and container/ vessel
• Transit Cargo to/from C.I.S Countries via Bandar Abbas and Bazargan by truck and Rail
• Air-Land Cargo via Tehran Airport to Afghanistan and C.I.S Countries Transshipment and Transit Customs Formalities in Bandar Abbas
• Bazargan, Sarakhs, Etc...

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